Scientist, Alchemist, Magician: Karoline Wells of Elixery

elixery lab.jpg

I first met Karoline in 2011 when she applied as an accessories designer for Voltage: Fashion Amplified. I was immediately intrigued. And thrilled. She ended up working with our makeup team to create custom colors for the runway. The result was exciting and memorable. In fact, seven years later the vast majority of lipstick that I wear is from Elixery. I've been a convert for years and always look forward to their new releases.

Beyond the other good-for-you products they have been developing, Elixery has always been so much more than just lipstick. It is an ethos, a state of being that embraces beauty and independence with courage and confidence. To be able to create a line of cosmetics that is vegan, cruelty free, gorgeous attention to detail, and all in Minnesota...Karoline has always been a bit of a hero to me. 

I've wanted to work with her on an official Ruby lipstick, as a classic red lip has always been part of the Ruby3 aesthetic. I finally got my chance this season; it's pantone-matched to the Ruby3 red developed by Melanie Haroldson years ago. We also worked on a limited edition complimentary sheer called Rosa, inspired by my niece and the Sense of Place collection.

Be sure to stop by the event and get your Ruby/Rosa set or any of their classic, beautiful colors on Monday, April 23rd at Winsome Goods from 6-9pm as part of Fashion Week MN and Fashion Revolution Week.

And make a point to check out the additional offerings on Elixery's website and stop by some of their future events.


anna lee