Gray Matter Series: Sense of Self dives into the space where falling apart is seen as a natural part of a woman’s inherent creative process, rather than a sign that she is not “enough”. It is through this process that she can consciously and continuously rebuild with a deeper Sense of Self, and more solid sense of community.

Gray Matter Series: Sense of Self launched September 8th 2018 from 11am to 1pm at The Coven in Minneapolis and September 15th from 1 to 3pm at Luna in Fargo as a short art/fashion film investigating the role of the heroine’s journey, its impact on our mental health, and our ability to connect with ourselves and our communities.

The film and photographs feature the AW2018 collection of one-of-a-kind Ruby3 hats, two 25-piece “collective” paintings, two digitally printed scarves derived from these paintings, and two custom lipstick colors from the Elixery, Ruby and Rosa. 10% of proceeds will be donated to NAMI MN.

I write a bit more about my inspiration here.

You can shop the collection here!

Photographer Lauren Krysti

Filmmakers and Behind the Scenes Photography Kylee and Christian Creative

Hair and Makeup Artist Kristine Loehrer

Styling Christy Holt

Model/Actress Gabby VandenAvond

Lipstick Elixery

Creative Advisor Haroldson Art & Design


What are the “collective” paintings all about?

Miss Lee has been creating multiple-piece paintings (ranging from 2 to 50 pieces) that collectively hold one central image and theme, but each individual piece can stand on its own.  More information on past pieces can be found here and here.


So, what is that the connection between “Homecoming” and “Gray Matter Series”?

“Homecoming” is a collection of paintings on display at Luna in Fargo, North Dakota, created by artist and milliner Anna Lee between 2016 and 2018 after her return to the Red River Valley. These paintings are an ode to the complexities of finding our way as creative individuals in the upper Midwest. One of the collective paintings currently on display is a window of sorts into the Gray Matter Series: Sense of Self.


Is the Heroine’s Journey a thing?

Joseph Campbell defined the Hero’s Journey as a common story arc found in world mythologies in his book “A Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Maureen Murdock, who was a student of Campbell’s work, developed the concept of the Heroine’s Journey as a response, as the adventure is somewhat different for women. It is more of an inward journey rather than an outward conquering.

Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey

Maureen Murdock and the Heroine's Journey