Homecoming, paintings by Anna Lee


August 6- September 29, 2018

Artist Talk and Reception // Saturday September 15, 1-3pm

Luna // 1545 South University Drive in Fargo, North Dakota

Homecoming is a collection of paintings created by artist and milliner Anna Lee between 2016 and 2018 after her return to the Red River Valley.

These paintings are an ode to the complexities of finding our way as creative individuals in the upper midwest.

The artist talk will also feature the latest installation of the Gray Matter Series as a short film debut and AW2018 hat collection, as well as a panel discussion of community members invested in wellness, empowerment, and mental health advocacy.

For inquiries and sales, contact annalee@workerby.com or 612.741.7829

workerby.com for more information on Miss Lee and the Gray Matter Series

lunafargo.com for hours and restaurant information

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