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Photo by Lauren Krysti

Photo by Lauren Krysti

This season, Gray Matter Series: Body of Work is about the connections between our bodies, our creativity, and nature. There are times for growth, times to bloom, and times to rest. As we head into spring, it's time to celebrate new life and the outward expression of our creativity. How will this manifest for you?

This next chapter of Anna Lee’s collaborative series features one-of-a-kind floral crowns and accessories made from paintings and illustrations by Miss Lee, as well as the limited-edition Elixery lipstick colors Ruby and Rosa. Additional collaborators include Lauren Krysti PhotographyFatima Olive Beauty, and House of Gina Marie.

ABOUT Gray Matter Series


I am a milliner, painter, and fashion designer with additional background in nonprofit management, product development, event production, and the healing arts. And through all of this, one of the most significant artforms in my career is that of collaboration.

Everything I do is a vehicle for collaboration, sharing new ideas, and building community.

The Gray Matter Series began as an idea in the summer of 2016. I was in Australia for a millinery conference. This was the same week as the Philando Castile shooting, and I watched from the other side of the planet as the polarity unfolded. “How can this be? Is it not clear? Are we destined to see everything in black and white?” I asked myself as I worked the grey felt in my class that day.

One year later, that grey headdress I started in Australia quietly launched the Gray Matter Series at the 58th Annual Midwestern at the Rourke Art Museum.

The Gray Matter Series officially launched with the Fall 2017 collection of gray hats and colorful abstract paintings, grew to a 50-piece painting as a statement on the limitations of the Scandanavian Law of Jante, and most recently investigated the impact a Sense of Place has on us for Spring2018.

I continue to be moved by the polarization we experience in our world and seek new platforms for encouraging thoughtful discourse and finding the “middle ground” between the extremes. It has now evolved into an ongoing set of collaborations between creative souls that I bring together each season.



The Gray Matter Series is about finding the middle ground between the polarization within ourselves (and our greater communities) through expression of sometimes conflicting concepts and emotions. Through these collaborations, we find beauty in the complexities of the modern human experience and peace in knowing we are not alone.