Emma Berg, Activist and Couturier


The best part of growing older is watching yourself and your peers evolve as artists. In fact, I have noticed that when one is truly curious about the world around them, it practically stops the aging process as we are energized by our creative endeavors. One of the most timeless people I know could not be more engaged with the era we live in- Emma Berg. Her dedication to political activism mixed with her artistic fashion statements are a powerful force that provides inspired action and a sense that we all have our part to play.

We were fortunate to be able to include Emma's hand-embroidered/beaded/sequined aprons in the Gray Matter Series and to be able to include two of them in our pop-up event during Fashion Week, with half of the purchase price of her aprons donated to Planned Parenthood.

We are particularly fortunate in that the larger part of her collection will be featured in the group show She Saw the World Brighten and Catch Fire at Point Green in Brooklyn, opening this Friday. 

The exhibition, inspired by Ray Bradbury's short story, Embroidery, is a contemporary reflection on the timeless narrative of the self-destructive nature of the human race. Published in 1951, in the aftermath of World War II, Embroidery was Bradbury's not-so-subtle nod to the consequences of mankind's technological advancements to date. Opening with "needle flashes" aka a visceral allegory to women's creation vs. men's destruction, this specific text of Bradbury's - a writer who is more known for fantasy, science fiction and horror - is considered by many scholars to be radically feminist, and calls to question gender roles in both technology and craft.

Read the short story here. It is a quick read, but will stay with you for some time.

If you're in NYC this Friday,September 8th, the opening reception is from 6–10PM at Point Green, 260 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

If you're in Minneapolis Saturday or Sunday, September 9-10, join us at the Hewing Hotel for the Gray Matter Series Pop-up Gallery and Retail Experience as part of Fashion Week MN

anna lee