Fatima Olive, Fairy Godmother of Beauty


The thing about a fairy godmother is that she doesn't so much make something out of nothing, but adds the magic and sparkle to what already exists. Hence Cinderella's fabulous pumpkin carriage or Dorothy's ability to return home via a pair of sparkly shoes.

When Fatima Olive works with her clients, they are transformed. Not just in appearance, but from within. I've watched it happen so many times- she has this ability to bring out the inner beauty of a woman by truly seeing the individual and honoring her for who she is. Working with Fatima is a full experience, as she is able to pull from her deep well of experience with the sense of adventure of someone who absolutely loves what they do. She works this practical-yet- elusive magic to bring her clients and peers into her vision of beauty and empowerment, merging seamlessly into the bigger picture of the project.

Olive does hair and makeup for both commercial and individual  bookings and also holds makeup parties, For everyone from teens learning the basics, to adults that need a reboot. “I like doing little events for women at any age. Makeup is a ritual from childhood to adulthood.” During these parties and makeup classes, she gives out what she calls “prescriptions,” a diagram detailing how to apply each product.“What I do with makeup is transforming, I like to share these powers with women. If you look good, you feel good. It’s your magical protection,” she explains.  

Book Fatima Olive for individual services here, and book for editorial or commercial serves here.

And of course, be sure to stop by the Gray Matter Series Pop-Up Gallery and Retail Experience Saturday or Sunday (Sept 9-10) at the Hewing Hotel as part of Fashion Week MN.



anna lee