Hilary Davis, Modern Renaissance Woman

If ever there was a gem of a human being, it is Hilary Davis. Bright, sparkly, and multi-faceted; Hilary fills any social space or creative project with a beautiful energy and attitude that takes everything to the next level. I think I may have lost track of the exact moment we first met, but I never forget my interactions with her as I am always left with an infusion of creative possibilities and a smile on my face. 

This beautiful website is thanks to her. I had not even thought to make more than a new page on my main site, but thanks to a set of serendipitous conversations with her she joined the collaboration and made it happen. This was no small feat in that the wheels were already turning on the project, and a creative direction already in place. This may be one of the many remarkable things about Hilary- she saw what we were doing, asked the right questions, reflected back some excellent direction and web/interactive solutions, and brought it together like the professional that she is. It was just that easy, and it does not get better than that.

Have a creative project that needs similar attention? Looking for a brand refresh or have something new in the works that requires design or art direction or a gorgeous website? Check Hilary's portfolio here and get in touch with her. You'll be happy you did.

And if you love live music like I do, you HAVE to check out her band Tyger next time you are in NYC. Her electric violin performance will make you swoon.

anna lee