Gina Moorhead, Designer of her own Dreams


The first rule of improv theater is to agree. Always say "yes" and then take it to the next level as you go. This is how you create a new, seemingly impossible world every day as if it is your damn job. This is Gina Moorhead of House of Gina Marie, one of the most driven, talented, and visionary fashion designers I know.

When I first met Gina, it became immediately clear that the one hour I had set aside for coffee with this woman who splits her time between Minneapolis, Seattle, Vietnam, and now Stockholm, was not going to be enough. A couple of years later, she is one of the first people I call when I have a spark of an idea. And she'll answer, even if she is at a bar in Vietnam celebrating the completion of her latest collection. She helps me say "yes, and..." to my latest ideas, and I have the honor of watching as she builds her fashion empire in the spirit of lagom. (as in: not too little, not too much, just right) That is not to say that she does not have vast ambitions, but she creates in such a way that affords her the ability to work on a global scale, while still maintaining connection to the present moment, to the things that really matter.

Gina Moorhead honed that trait peculiar to folks born of extreme weather conditions, fog and rain to commit themselves, to push forward and see their passions realized.  Those in her world know her by her smile, infectious liveliness, passion and drive that translates to her work.  Gina Marie designs reflect her spirit- modern, beautiful, independent, bright and Nordic- a mirror of the life she lives.

Some of us just burn a little bit brighter, to light the way for others.

It's going to be a beautiful day when the world catches up to what Gina Moorhead has been creating this whole time. 

For now, you can catch her at Fashion Week MN and shop her designs before she heads out of town again.

Gray Matter Series Pop-Up Gallery and Retail Experience at the Hewing Hotel September 9-10.

Northern Vogue at the W Hotel September 10th

MN4MN Spring/Summer 2018 Presentations at Winsome Goods September 11th (buyer event, not open to public)


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