Anna Lee, Creative Conduit


I once heard, others will always speak about you far better than you can speak for yourself. Apparently it’s true. Anna penned all of these amazingly thoughtful insights of the contributors for the Gray Matter Series, but they all seem incomplete without one about the magnet that is Anna Lee herself. So, I’m highjacking the blog for a moment. 

Anna has been a connective force for as long as I have known her. She has a gift in bringing diverse talents and personalities together seamlessly and gracefully. Her projects are never self-serving, she always provides platforms to present the skills and talents of those around her - even when we may not see those things in ourselves - recognizing the influence of those around her on her work and her life. This is the lesson I learn from her over and over again. No one gets where they are on their own. We all grow through our experiences and lessons from our community, good and bad. The world around us can feel overwhelming and at times so terribly hopeless. What does Anna do? She unites a group of women together to find a light and a voice. 

The Gray Matter series came together much like the concept itself. Bringing together a group that may seem overwhelming to some, 10 strong creative women with uniquely distinct styles and visions - Anna assembled us all to pull together, to work together and to trust in each other. And she was so right. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the result. And for me, the result is much more than the event itself - it’s the connection to these amazing women. Some old friendships that are stronger than ever, and some new ones that I look forward to working with and supporting for ages to come. 

Today (Sunday, September 10th) is the last day to view this collaboration for yourself. The pop-up shop & gallery will be open from 12 - 5 at the Hewing Hotel (enter through Tullibee or 3rd Avenue). Stop by, say hi, meet some of these amazing ladies for yourself. And try on a hat too! Everyone feels a little transformed in one one Anna’s beauties. 

- Melanie

Hilary Davis