Melanie Haroldson, Storyteller and Kindred Creative


If there is one person in this world who has had the most profound impact on my creative work, it is Melanie Haroldson. I don't say this lightly, as I believe we are all a product of our environments, we all have an impact on each other. I have the good fortune of working with many wonderful people, and Melanie is that the top of this list. 

I've spent my career building systems and infrastructure for creatives to work in productively. Melanie has graciously provided a version of this for me for nearly every big idea I have had.  Melanie has this ability to take the kaleidoscope projection of my big ideas and help me filter them down to their essence, what they were meant to become all along. It is through her innate talents that my endeavors have seen the light of day in such a way that they are true to my DNA as a creative, tells my story, and allows me to stand confidently in the work that I do.

The branding of Ruby3? Melanie. That iconic "lightning bolt V" of Voltage: Fashion Amplified?* Melanie. She led the team at Treat and Company that created the branding and website for Workerby, and she has made the Gray Matter Series the gorgeous beast that it is as our visionary Creative Director.

I am thrilled for her vision for her work as well. In her own words:

This fall, I will be venturing out on my own as an independent creative. This month a project with Boynton & Co to re-brand local tech company Kidizen will roll out. In October, new brand design will launch for Stockheart, Whole Health - formerly The Healing Garage. In addition to my design work, I will be extending into creative direction and styling for clients including Thymes, The House of Gina-Marie, and Amy Heitman Stationery among others.

In addition, I’m excited to be applying the diverse scope of my experience in design and creative direction to forging a new model for creative collaboration. This upcoming year, I will be partnering with photographer Lauren Krysti to create PegBoard, an editorial outlet for their ongoing creative exploration. We will be sharing image stories that allow us to push beyond our professional categories and into collaborations that generate innovation and creative expression. Follow our work at and on Instagram at the_peg_board

Stop by the Hewing Hotel September 9-10 for the Gray Matter Series Pop-up Gallery and Retail Experience as an official event of Fashion Week MN. You'll get a chance to see Melanie's brilliance on display in the space she has designed with Lauren Krysti.

In need of some visionary creative direction yourself? Get in touch with Melanie Haroldson and tell her that one of her many admirers sent you.


*Shout out to Barrett Haroldson for his work on Voltage, as well as previous Ruby3 web development. They are a power couple, without a doubt.


anna lee