My Favorite Creative Director: Melanie Haroldson


I've been joking lightheartedly for the last year "If I did not know Melanie Haroldson, I never would have met myself." So much of the creative work that I have been doing for the last two decades has a continual thread of this woman, woven throughout. In the last few years in particular, she's connected me to some wholeheartedly fantastic people and incredible creative direction. 

Melanie Haroldson is also the force behind the new Multidisciplinary Creative Studio Haroldson Art & Design. With depth of experience and an eye for what's next, Melanie is someone you want working on your next big thing, or a reinvention of your current thing. 

Want to see her latest installation? Join us Monday, April 23rd at Winsome Goods for Gray Matter Series: Sense of Place. She's made magic, yet again, and you won't want to miss it.


anna lee