Embodied Creativity

Flower petals for the SS2019 Body of Work Collection

Flower petals for the SS2019 Body of Work Collection

I am inspired by nature. I love the way the seasons change, the moon cycles, and the ways it impacts us. We are different people at different times of the year, provided we experience the shifts of the seasons. This does not mean that it is easy. In fact, aligning to the cycles of nature requires that we take a step back from some cultural norms and create new patterns for ourselves. But when we can make even small changes to our routines, we find that we are in a new flow. We also find that when things are stuck, everything feels stuck. At least that was this winter for me. Committing to my artistic practice has been humbling and downright exhausting. It has required vulnerability, honesty, and the ability to just laugh at myself sometimes. But the output has been worth it and I am excited to share with you.

Gray Matter Series: Body of Work is about the connections between our bodies, our creativity, and nature. There are times for growth, times to bloom, and times to rest. As we head into spring, it's time to celebrate new life and the outward expression of our creativity. How will this manifest for you?

This next chapter of my collaborative series features one-of-a-kind floral crowns and accessories made from paintings and illustrations by me in my studio, as well as the limited-edition Elixery lipstick colors Ruby and Rosa. Additional collaborators include Lauren Krysti PhotographyFatima Olive Beauty, and House of Gina Marie.

When we can create from an embodied place, connected to nature and to a larger vision of our life…some really interesting things happen.

When we listen to ourselves like we would a plant, a pet, or someone we love…we might surprise ourselves by knowing what we wanted all along.

I have been up, and I have been down. I have doubted myself, and have come around to realizing that I have been on my side this whole time, even when I felt tremendously alone.

To me, creativity is about connecting deeply with myself first, and then with others in a meaningful way. So this season, I am offering a workshop called Building Your Body of Work as part of my offering. It is a combination of all of my previous Workerby Workshops, with some new experiences in there, including a Creative Guidance Portrait Session before the group session. Let me know if you have any questions- I’d love to hear from you.

anna lee