Collaboration as Artistic Expression

Photo by Lauren Krysti

Photo by Lauren Krysti

I’ve gone on record about how collaboration is its own artform for me. Gray Matter Series is all about what is possible when we create and connect with others.

Bringing the right people together is everything. People and their creative energy and talents are elements, just like colors or paint, notes in a composition. A beautiful symphony is created when you have the right people. Creating with others adds complexity, but it also provides an avenue for us to either confront our (inevitable) imposter complex, or dance right by it.

We can also be in collaboration with ourselves. When we see our creativity as something to be in relationship with, we can work with ourselves in thoughtful ways that we tend to reserve for others. I recently spoke about this process at a Creative Mornings session, but of course need to give props to Elizabeth Gilbert for her Ted Talk for opening my mind to this concept.

We don’t get where we are going alone. Without the passion and talents of Lauren Krysti, Fatima Olive, Gina Moorhead, and Karoline Wells, Gray Matter Series: Body of Work would just be some pretty flowers. I am energized by these women, and working with them helps me feel seen and heard as an artist…so that I may go deeper within myself for more questions and more complex answers…and then share and connect with you.

anna lee